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Meet the Designers

The Girls


We met as devoted salespeople at Betsey Johnson and quickly realized we share the same insight: beauty ignites power and we could help every woman tap into hers. We were part mind readers, devoted listeners, body-language experts and personal stylists. When we’ve done our job, there is a certain smile that comes across a woman’s face that makes everyone catch their breath, and we’re hopelessly addicted to it.

Our backgrounds are as artsy as they are athletic: Catherine’s experience is in photography, marketing and design. Her fitness faves? Insanity™, P90X™, Barre class and chasing her wild child. Heidi’s interest in design and subsequent degree in Fashion and Illustration was almost a given. Born into a retail family she spent her childhood on catalog shoots and buying trips. She burns her calories doing Pilates, swimming long distance and dead lifting her son. It made sense for us to design a collection for women who love style as much as they love spinning.

We founded Prima Studio on the idea that performance wear should be flattering and fashionable while supporting high-impact demands. What you wear to the studio should look just as good on the street because your day doesn’t end with a cool down. You’re busy, let us make chic easy.

So, we traveled the globe to find fabrics deliciously soft enough to live in. We tested, threw away and reworked countless prototypes. We drew from our edgiest inspirations and reached a quality that stands up to however you break a sweat, with a look that stands out from what everyone in class is wearing.

Taking our cues from the runway and everyday life, we created Prima Studio so you can be your best and most beautiful wherever the day takes you.